Dale Josephson (Sideline)

Unless otherwise noted, all photographs are copyrighted to and the exclusive property of Dale Josephson, Sideline Photography and all rights of use are retained unless explicit written permission is obtained.

Nearly all my photographs are cropped for a 5x7 size as it allows the widest range of photos with the least loss due to further cropping. Make sure you pay attention to the crop frames that come up as you place your order. You can also select no crop but unless you are ordering 5x7, you will have white strips that can be cut away, but at least the tops or sides won't be lost on the photo's subject. You can move the cropping mask around with your mouse to re-frame the shot to your desired view.

Most of the High School Varsity sports photographs may also be viewed at CBS MaxPreps.com, http://maxpreps.com. Just search for my name.

Dale Josephson

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